Practially Tactical 115 - Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical

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Show Notes

Patch Pre Order

Spots Opened Up Listener Class


First Class: Low Light Handgun With MDFI on June 17 from 5pm to 1am. Cost: $175 + $20 range fee. Awesome price on some great low light training!

Second Class: Handgun Sustainment with APD on July 30 from 9am to 5pm. Cost: $100 INCLUDING RANGE FEE!!!!! Joe made us an amazing deal on this class! This is a high round count class!

Third Class: Carbine One with APD on July 31 from 9am to 5pm. Cost: $100 INCLUDING RANGE FEE!!!!! Joe made us a great deal on this. This will probably be the only carbine class we do for listeners this year.

NOTES: Please check requirements and prerequisites for each class. If you are unsure, please reach out to me or the instructor. For the MDFI, we need 10 more people to sign up to make the class a go. For the APD classes, we need 6 more people to sign up to make the classes a go.


Kerry’s History

About Dark Angel Medical

How it started    


    Why Medical?

    Medical Stories

Why should people carry it?


    Quality vs Price

What should people carry?

What should CCWers Carry?

How many people shot w an unloaded gun? (Reference from Trek Video)

What is Kerry’s EDC

Dark Angel Medical Products

Patreon Questions:

Ryan -Benefits and disadvantages to granular quick clot vs. packing gauze impregnated with quick clot.

Ryan- What promising first aid technology does he see coming out soon?  Where does he see medical kit technology and training going in the next few years?

Nick - I'd like to hear his thoughts on the RATs and SWAT-T tourniquets. Does he consider them as good as a more traditional SOFTT-W or CAT-T or are they just more compact compromise?

Matthew - Just to double check, if there is anything else we need to bring other than what's listed. Also, to confirm, if anyone does not have a kit yet will they need to buy one? (I do have them personally), and will there be kits available to purchase on site?


YouTube Questions


Jim Hubbell

what is the order of importance for carrying medical? What piece of gear is most important? second? third? fourth?

Functional Gentlemen: Is there any practical difference between a SOFT-W and a CAT? Is one any better than the other?

Functional Gentleman

How does one of the tactical medical classes compare to an EMT-B course?

Slinky T

Can you ask him what caliber he thinks is best for EDC from his personal experience?

The Bearded Firearm Guy

This might sound like a really odd question..... if you shoot someone in a self defense siutaion, would you try to keep them alive until the paramedics or police show up?

Eric Swanson

difference between gen 3 & 4 D.a.r.k.? Is it just the pouch?

Train MDFI

The big question that is often missed is "Why am I still there?" If I am injured and cant move- my first aid comes first unless I have a person who outweighs mine. If I am mobile, why have I not moved of the X?


what is his "essential" on body and "essential" off body carry (off body as in maybe a go bag for officers or backpack for students etc).


as an addon for my question what is a good option for carrying on body in the summer when you dont want to wear pants to cover an ankle pack or cargo stuff and look tacticool

Slinky T

Can you ask him about what you should put in your backpack for college in case of an active shooter


Is the expiration date on combat gauze accurate?

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