Practically Tactical 114 - Chris Fry of MDTS

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On this episode we chatting with Chris Fry of MDTS. For more information on Chris and MDTS, please visit:

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Spots Opened Up Listener Class


First Class: Low Light Handgun With MDFI on June 17 from 5pm to 1am. Cost: $175 + $20 range fee. Awesome price on some great low light training!

Second Class: Handgun Sustainment with APD on July 30 from 9am to 5pm. Cost: $100 INCLUDING RANGE FEE!!!!! Joe made us an amazing deal on this class! This is a high round count class!

Third Class: Carbine One with APD on July 31 from 9am to 5pm. Cost: $100 INCLUDING RANGE FEE!!!!! Joe made us a great deal on this. This will probably be the only carbine class we do for listeners this year.

NOTES: Please check requirements and prerequisites for each class. If you are unsure, please reach out to me or the instructor. For the MDFI, we need 10 more people to sign up to make the class a go. For the APD classes, we need 6 more people to sign up to make the classes a go.



  1. What is your martial arts background?  

  2. How have martial arts helped or informed your gun training?

  3. The importance of tying it all together? Hand, knife, gun, medical…

  4. What is your training philosophy, if you can make one.

  5. who typically takes your classes?

  6. What is your favorite aspect of teaching?

  7. what is the most important thing you teach?  

  8. Fear Adrenaline Stress Training (F.A.S.T.)  tell us about this

Teaching/Instructing in NY

  1. Any issues that you run into?  You must have a good formula by now for offering regular classes there

  2. Advice for CCers In NY/Other Anti-Freedom States

Patreon Questions:

Talking mindset, how do you know if you are ready.
What are some weapon retention techniques / training he might recommend.

YouTube Questions

TC7747 - What does chris think about the Pramek system of combative from Matt Powell? Hes come and done some seminars for my Dept.

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