Practically Tactical 111 - EDC Series Show Three

Welcome to Practically Tactical, member of the Firearms Radio Network! Practically Tactical is the show were critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more with some of the best instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry.

On this episode we are continuing our EDC series! This series will run the entire month of February, and help our listeners to evaluate their every day carry gear. On this episode, we have listeners Ike, Scott, Jay, Justin, Chris, and Hunter.  The entire EDC Series is sponsored by Big Tex Outdoors. Use Promo Code “EDC20” and get 20% off your order at BigTexOutdoors.Com. This applies to select products such as Slip2000, Emerson, Fireclean, Surefire, Blue Force Gear, Trijicon, and more! Check out the show notes for more information on all the products you can save money on!

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Show Notes

Use Code “EDC20” and get get you 20% over at BigTexOutdoors.Com on select products such as Slip2000, Emerson, Fireclean, Surefire, Blue Force Gear, Trijicon, and more!

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EDC Series!

Main Segment

What You Carry

  • Where You Carry (environments)

  • Why you carry what you Carry

  • Strengths/Weaknesses of Setup

  • What Training You Have


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Please write a little blurb about yourself so we can all get a little idea of who you are, what you are like. If you could also please list your EDC that you will be discussing on the show so I can then make them clickable for people to view in the show notes.

Jared: 21 years old. Carried since 18 years old. Criminology student, Trainee for Reserve unit of my local Sheriffs Office.

  • Glock 19/ surefire X300U/ Armordillo Concealment X-Fer/ Warren Tactical sights.

  • Surefire G2x Tactical w/ Thrym Switchback

  • Spare Glock 17 mag w/ Factory +2/ Wolf +10% power spring. Federal HST 124s

  • Kershaw Spring Assist Knife

  • “Trauma Wallet” QC combat gauze/ duct tape/ gloves/ wrapped in SWAT-T TQ

Brian D:

  • Glock19    

  • Flashlight

  • extra mag (sometimes)

  • Knife of some kind

  • R.A.T.S. tourniquet (sometimes on body)

  • Gum (for hot breath)

Brian F:

  • S&W Shield .40 (heinie ledge sights)

  • 2 spare Magazines. Federal HST 180gr

  • Surefire EB2

  • Benchmade 810 Contigo

  • Streamlight stylus pro

  • R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

  • Ruger LCR… How to carry/reason.


  • Lone Wolf 19

  • Blackhawk ARC appendix holster almost at center

  • Kahr 380 in pocket

  • Spyderco folder

  • Spare 17 Mag in Comp Tac

  • Spare 380 mag in pocket holster

  • Surefire LX2

  • Sabre Spitfire

  • Thick Leather belt

Stefan: 28 Slaving away working for the Man.

  • G19 U-boat

  • Total Surefire fanboy

  • Knife hands

  • Pocket D.A.R.K.