PTS 083 – Crisis On The Border with MDFI

Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 83 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical show is a slightly more practical approach to the firearms lifestyle. This show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry.  On this episode we will be discussing the crisis on the US/Mexico border with Trek from MDFI with a special co-host of Scott from Modern Samurai Project.

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  • Fuel
  • Batteries – Rechargeable
  • Night Vision (expensive, they know!)
  • IR Markers,
  • Ammo
  • Gatorade
  • First Aid Supplies

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Long day out in the middle of nowhere on the Southern border. Location edited out but this situation is shared at many sites across the US. We were under surveillance by cartel spotters during this as they were on attempt 3 of the day to get a load of dope into the US successfully. There is literally no powers trying to stop them on the Mex side as the cartels own everything in sight. Meanwhile on the US side, an apathetic citizenry, misguided enablers, active supporters, and intentional government inaction is allowing a national criminal enterprise to win against the few good folks trying to stop something that effects all of us.The USBP and CBP have their hands full and they deserve our full support.

Posted by Trek’s Trek: 2000 Miles for the Brian Terry Foundation on Friday, April 24, 2015

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