Red Dots On Handguns and Edge Weapons with Chris Fry of MDTS Training

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On this episode we are talking with Chris Fry of MDTS Training about edged weapons. For more information on Chris and MDTS, please visit:

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Chris Fry's Recommended Reading:

'Gates of Fire' - Steven Pressfield

'Principles of Personal Defense’- J. Cooper

The Gift of Fear’ – Gavin De Becker

Extreme Alpinism’- Mark Twight

Real Fighting’ – Peyton Quinn

Strategies of Low Light’ – Ken Good

Sharpening the Warrior Edge’- B. Siddle

On Killing’ – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

On Combat’ – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Hagakure’ - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Sting of the Scorpion’- Bob Kasper

Concealed Handgun Manual’ – Chris Bird

Some of the Answers Series’- Jim Crews

Green Eyes & Black Rifles’ –Kyle Lamb

Combative Fundamentals’ - Jeff Gonzales

Book of Two Guns’ – Tiger McKee

Defensive Handgunning’ – John Farnham

In the Gravest Extreme’ - Mas Ayoob

The Truth about Self Protection' - Mas Ayoob


-what qualities people should look for in a defensive blade

-legalities and knowing them/how to find the laws

-method or position of carry strengths and weaknesses (forward to hip points, behind hip points, neck knives)

-fixed vs. folder

-sabre vs. reverse grip

-knife fights, what everyone should know

YouTube Questions


Patreon Questions:

JayClay - Overall thoughts on folding knives for defense? Generally that is all I carry because it is so easy to throw in my pocket.

Matthew - How may knives do you carry? I've found keeping 2 in the same front pocket with the clips visible (Ohio) . My OTF Microtech for any potential social work, and my 0350 ZTfor every day cutting tool. along those lines, do you keep a blade with a partial serrated edge?



Well as always guys and gals, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!