You Survived A Shooting, Now What? with MDFI

Welcome to Practically Tactical! Practically Tactical is the show where critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more with some of the best instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry.

On this episode we are talking with Trek from MDFI about "You survived a shooting, now what?

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YouTube Questions

Slinky an you ask trek if he thinks it is important to have a holster that you can re holster safely with one hand or quickly i.e not a vg2 or vg3

Slinky an you also ask trek about the chaos that occurred after the guy in Kalamazoo went on that all day killing spree? I didn't hear much about that after it happened. Also what can we learn from that?

Patreon Questions:

Marvin Smith
Is there any insight you can give as to what I can expect from others (police, etc.) after a self-defense shooting? What might the rest of that day and/or the next day or two look like afterwards? Is a trip to jail, even a brief one, pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point?

Doug Simon
Insert smartass question regarding a CCW sash here.

Jeromi Rogers
What are your thoughts on video cameras set up at your house be it a good idea or not?

Ryan DuRussel
To piggy back off Jeromi's question.  What is the ideal video setup and what would be a minimum standard.

Well as always guys and gals, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!