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Vinny- Hey!! Got a topic that may warrant some great thinking minds for a show. My brother in law expressed his concerns to me today. I obviously carry +1 always and he doesn't like that I do when I'm with my niece and nephew. Because accidents can reason to when if something happened in my house or his I'd have enough time to chamber a round.. blah blah you know the drill I'm sure. We had a nice conversation about it, civil no yelling or anything and I gave my peace about my journey and being trained and becoming proficient and spending tons of money testing holsters belts and never stopping training, learning, and practicing etc...He owns a gun, asked the gun store clerk what to buy, guy told him g23 so he got it, shot it 6 times at range, no training, had me buy his holster and belt cuz he didn't want to do research, and I said listen I want to be 100% authentic like I don't think ur responsible in the fact that god only knows ur proficiency levels and all that. He keeps it locked up stairs in a safe no mag in it and no round in chamber all that, told him I know he could benefit greatly from training, he said he wants to make time to go to range, told him if he really wanted to he would... he says he wants to make the safest environment for his kids and his way of doing that isn't helping himself it's stripping me of my safety. Idk like I said it was a calm convo, he's a smart successful guy but idk what to do now. Like I'm planning on only seeing my sister and niece and nephew when they come to my house cuz I won't strip down to go to his and I want to respect his opinions even tho I want to tell him to stop being a bitch and get trained up and practice the hell out of safe gun handling because I feel it will clear a lot of skepticism up but Idk what to do. So without you going crazy typing a long response I thought maybe this would warrant a show topic. Idk lol sorry to write you a book. Hope u have a great weekend. Can't wait to train with you again. Stay safe brother.

Patreon Questions:

Clayton Lilly Incorporating moving/"getting off the X"/sidestep truffle shuffle into dry and live fire- range theatrics or legit training?

Well as always guys and gals, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!