150 - Talking AKs with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

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The Godfather of AKs in the USA, Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics joins the show and teaches us the way of the AK47. For more information on Rifle Dynamics, please visit:


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  • Jim, tell us a little bit about your background

  • What does Rifle Dynamics specialize in?

  • How is Rifle Dynamics different?

  • What are some of the misconceptions people have about AK’s

  • Your logo, tell us about it

  • If you could have one rifle, what would it be?

YouTube Questions

Militaristics if you get the chance can you mention to Jim how ironic it is that here in New Yorkistan I can't own one of his AKM's but I could own an unconverted saiga... so sad isn't it?

Herk North Is there room for improvement of the 5.45mm with "modern" ammo technology

50 Stitches Steel: Do they machine their own parts? If not is it hard to get new AK parts regularly?


Patreon Questions
Can you recommend a quality budget AK?  Cost?  What would you add/change to a stock AK to increase functionality?
Long question, How unstandardized are AK's in the US now? With so many countries selling us their parts kits that do not just click in with each other, are we ever going to settle on a proper set of specs for an AK like we currently have with the AR15? It seems to have gone the way of the 1911 with so many manufacturers making it and having their own spec. Where as a Glock is a Glock because only Glock makes Glock.
Forward mounted variable power optics, what scopes can you mount onto an ultimak? Scout scopes, or pistol scopes?
Any experience with the new CMC trigger?
What country made or makes the best AK?
What is the best AK you can buy today, off the shelf. RD guns not included.
What is the best AK you could buy ( stock gun, used market. Pre import ban guns)

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