144 - Stay Practical with EJ Green of Phase Line Green Tactical

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We are talking with EJ Green of Phase Line Green Tactical. For more information on EJ, please visit: 



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  • EJ Green: background

  • Phase Line Green Tactical: tell us about it

  • EJ and I recently taught together - similarities

  • How to choose a defensive trainer

  • Recent video “training Keanu”

  • Competition vs. Defensive Shooting, what are your thoughts?

  • What do you think of Para Ordinance?

  • --Buy once, cry eight times?

  • Mental Aspects of shooting

  • Mindset: You vs. the 400 lb behemoth

  • Static vs. Dynamic training, what is the difference, and how do we train it?

  • You have a background in combatives, tell us about that.

    • -how can people plug that into firearms training?

  • Ferocity of response, talk a little about this

  • Due to recent events in the news, many people are talking about LEO and how to respond to LEO.  What are your thoughts?

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