141 - The Current State Of Threats

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On this episode we are talking with Gary, who has been involved in anti-terrorism for over 33 years as we discuss the current state of threats and terrorism.

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  • Gary, I understand you were in the pentagon when it was struck on 9/11?
  • How we know Gary
  • Improvised Weapons/What is Available/Combatives/Disarm
  • Future Of Terrorism
  • How we do balance freedom
  • Critical Thinking
  •     Access Narratives
  •     What skills do they have
  • Obama, worst president ever for Counter Terrorism right?
  • years To Decide Policy
  • Old Guard To New Guard
  • Good/Bad Training - Gamification - Be Real
  • Shooting Community

Gary's Reading List


I used to work for the author, COL Pat Lang, USA (Ret). He is an extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable person on the topic of the Middle East. All of his contributors are equally qualified.


Two guys that have interesting insights into Jihadism. I read everything of Hegghammer’s and follow Wood’s Blog.



The next two individuals are among the French intelligesta class. I don’t totally agree with them on terrorism issues but it is always thoughtful arguments that sometimes degenerates to academia food fighting.



NY Times journalist that is a true journalist. Especially strong on Middle East issues and ISIS. She is must read.


Writer is French and  very good on insights into Jihadism in Europe but also on Syria. He contributes to several US Blogs but best to read him in French journals and newspapers by searching Google France and then using a translator.


I know the author well and consider him a US national resource on Middle East issues. Yes, he is a Commander in the US Navy. He is strongly steeped in the languages, history, culture and nuance of the region. He writes in a style that allows the reader to quickly understand the issues. He has a book ready for publishing ”100 Questions on Islam that I believe will be a must have on your bookshelf.



This was one of the first books written by a US Citizen that sought the Jihad. A real character but more importantly a real person with real and unique experiences. Now deceased.


Good Blog on Russia issues. Im always mindful of being part of a sophisticated Information Campaign but this seems pretty legit.


For legal thought on Self Defense you must have this book. I would highly recommend attending one of author’s  courses or utilizing his On-Line courseware.


These two academic organizations that do great public service on terrorism issues. Known terrorists actually follow and comment on their research. 




The next two books were written by guys that participated in history and lived to tell their stories. Both are written in the same style and George’s book was written as an homage to MacBride. These guys were stone killers.



For gun and tactics study books you cant get better than the next two. Written by two practical, sensible and experienced guys.



If you have to have one First Aid book this the one to have at ready. I always felt that if I ever had to perform an appendectomy on myself I wouldn’t have been fearful because I could reference this book.



I have known the author for over 30 years, he is the real deal. I consider him among the best practical trainers out there today and he has been doing it for near 40 years. Any video he has done is worth owning. He also maintains an On-Line presence and has very good courseware through BlackBelt Magazine.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with a movie. The movie would be hilarious if it wasn’t just so spot on to the truth.



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