139 - Taking The Next Training Step w/ Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Welcome to Practically Tactical! Practically Tactical is the show were critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more with some of the best instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry.

On this episode we are talking about taking the next training step with Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics.

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There are a couple people that want to go down and take a Proctor class and I am not sure if I am at that level yet.

After Fundamentals?

Where does medical fit in?

Force On Force Training

    RMR feedback/stats from students in FoF?

Emotional Control and Critical Thinking

Living Vicariously through others and gaining none of their own knowledge

Best Feeling In The World: Learning

Patreon Questions
When is Aaron coming to AZ with a class?

Db Cooper
Best after market glock trigger? Does he see MRO doing well in classes? If he had to buy one AR15 from a gun shop..out of the box to use which company would he buy?
Favorite sights for his carry gun? If he had to pick 45. Or 40. Which would he pick? Best def jux album release?  What 5.56 ammo would he pick for home defense ?

What classes would he recommend before taking his class.

For those taking their first steps toward owning their personal safety, what would like to see people do first?  Medical training,  less-lethal, de-escalation/conflict resolution or basic firearm safety training?


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