135 - SBS, SBR, AR Pistols, and Silencers, OH MY! with Sentinel Concepts

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On this episode we are talking with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts NFA Items: Short Barreled Shotguns, Short Barreled Rifles, Silencer, and even threw in AR Pistols.

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AR Pistol

Patreon Questions

Travis Slinkard
What barrel length is best for a 556 ar pistol. Also is a ar pistol practical for home defense and a truck gun? Lastly if you don't have an ar rifle yet should you get a rifle before getting an ar pistol

David Li
For suppressed SBRs, does a piston offer a significant advantage in reliability and ease of use?

David Li
What are common mistakes people make when it comes to servicing their own silencers and how do you avoid them?

Peter Shi
Is there any practical way to keep a suppressed pistol holstered and carried? Be it for Direct Action or CCW (Kind of dumb to ask, but just curious). Because with suppressed pistols it seems to either be a range toy or nightstand gun for home defense.

Nick Foglio
In non nfa states our ar pistols a practical alternative to sbrs and just curious about the opinion of the cast on solvent traps.....


YouTube Questions

William Assande Is it better to get a caliber specific can. I understand you can use a .45 can on a 9mm pistol, but does that affect it's performance?


William Assande Steve what would be your choice for a semi auto shotgun? 20ga or 12ga?


pat mcgivern Pros and cons of perm attaching a suppressor on a short barrel to make 16" barrel in a state where sbr's aren't allowed

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