Practically Tactical 132 - LEO Perspective with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and William Petty of 88 Tactical

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On this episode we are talking with Senior Instructor William Petty of 88 Tactical and Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics about the recent the events going on in this country and getting their LEO perspective on the situation.

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    As LEO, what are your thoughts on civilians having “high capacity” semi-automatic rifles?

    Is LEO training sufficient or insufficient as it relates to firearms training?

    Is there institutionalized racism in the american police force?

    What do you think of the BLM protests?

    How can LEO prepare for ambushes like those that have occurred recently?

Patreon Questions

Ryan DuRussel

Will there finally be an awakening to the fact that lowest common denominator training for LE is not enough? From my personal experiences I still get eye rolls because I carry a  a CAT TQ and have a Dark Angel DARK med kit with me during Reserve details

YouTube Questions

aycel adkins

What are the LEO on the podcast views on body cameras?

S Shepherd

what role does union play in either encouraging or discouraging more training?

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