Dallas Shooting and What We Can Learn From It with Sentinel Concepts


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On this episode we are talking with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts about the recent Dallas shooting.  This show will be about what can we learn from the Dallas Shooting. This is not about the gun or the incident, it will push your critical thinking beyond that.

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Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/for-years-he-tried-to-get-other-gay-people-to-the-gun-range-would-they-come-now/2016/06/21/0f672b02-3724-11e6-9ccd-d6005beac8b3_story.html

Opening Thoughts

Why do we care what he used? I don't train and prepare for bad situations based off of what platform, rifle, caliber, or type of weapon someone has. I train to be smart, process information, make good decisions, and know that if I had to shoot my handgun out to 50 yards in a terrible situation, that I could do it cause then everything else closer is easy (. Maybe I am missing something?

Understanding cover and concealment
Maybe knowing when it is time to get involved and when it isn't

And know WTF you are doing

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