Practically Tactical 120 - Home Defense With Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures

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On this episode we talk Home Defense with Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures.

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Show Notes

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Patreon Questions:

Stevie: I have at times come home to an empty home with the door open.  Thankfully those two times nobody was inside & it was merely a user error, but in that scenario I always question wether I should announce myself and become a target, or quietly search my home before making it known I have arrived.  How would you guys go about that situation, or any other of similar likeness?

Matthew: 1.) Living in an apartment I have to worry more unintended ballistic penetration, than if I was in a home on a piece of land. Recent tests show that the .223/5.56 round to be best, due to it's attributes of not penetrating too far, and the amount of rounds in most magazines (ohio approved recently 30).  I'm debating getting a tax stamp & building and SBR vs. making AR-15 pistol, which do you think is better?  2.) Aside from better securing of the only door to my place (I live on the 3rd fl) to keep people out when I'm home, what do you suggest people  do if they think someone has already breached your apartment while you were out? Or worse you don't know?  and you may be ambushed? Setting some detection devices or something the intruder won't know they set off or that you would?

Jason: If it comes down to lethal force to defend your home, assuming all three are readily at hand, would Mike choose a pistol, carbine, or shotgun?

YouTube Questions

Is there a storage method that Mike recommends for securing a night stand gun but still allow reasonable access.

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