Practically Tactical 118 - Frank Proctor From Way Of The Gun

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On this episode we are talking with Frank Proctor from Way Of The Gun.

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Show Notes

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Frank spent 18 years in the Army, 11 of those in Special Forces, and 7 of which you were not only deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan but training others to fight with their weapons.  What made you get involved with training others?

When did you get involved in shooting competition?

Did your competition experiences help you in combat?  And viceversa with regards to keeping a cool head?

Some people poo-poo competition as being non-applicable to combative firearms usage.  Is this a falsehood?  You teach “Performance Shooting,” how is that different?

Big proponent of VISION, and seeing things.  This sounds so basic and yet so very important.  But how do you “teach” vision?

Running Drills vs. Shooting Exercises, please explain

You’re kind of known for being THE guy for bridging the gap between competition speed and accuracy and what is needed in real world tactical operations.  

Gear- Proctor sights.  The guys like them; what was the thought process behind them?

Patreon Questions:

1. In his Recoil article he stated that a person should see his rear sights then his front then the target.  This is quite counter to conventional instruction which teaches a hard front sight. Why does he think his way is better? How/why did he decide to from traditional instruction?  And has he taught someone to use this method and "see" like him when they could not before?

2. He is famous for his recoil management. Where is the pressure of his support hand greatest? On the palm of the hand? The  "drumstick"  of the thumb ? Somewhere else? All the above?

3. What is his overall opinion of red dots on pistols?

4. What is the #1 thing he took away from competition that directly applied to the battlefield?

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