Practically Tactical 108 - Larry Lindenman of Point Driven Training

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Larry Lindenman:

  • Truly a rounded martial artist and master.  BJJ, Filipino, Combatives, anything else we can add to the list?

  • Huge proponent of proper diet with your exercise regimen.  Degree in exercise physiology.  Talk about that.  How can people improve their diets and or lose weight?

  • the 24 hour fast, is it bull? “eat stop eat”

  • Managing the “Don’t Shoot Yet.”

  • I like how in your writings you act as a coach to help people become better.  Like when you are talking about how to get better (at bjj) a given thing ie. through “grinding.”

    • “Elite performance is linked to your ability to grind away day after day, year after year.”

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YouTube Questions

Kevin Candiotti

Anyone know of a decent BJJ place in Pensacola, FL?

Kenneth ross

Are there any other martial arts that do the same things?

Ed Johnston

how about judo?