On Target: Sandman-K Silencer by Dead Air Armament Review

On Target: Sandman-K Silencer by Dead Air Armament Review

The goal of this review is to answer two questions:

1. The Sandman-K, is it worth the loss in sound performance in what you gain in reduced length and weight?

2. Who should buy this silencer?

The Sandman-K is a gunfighter silencer. This is meant to give you a lightweight and compact silencer while stopping your ears from bleeding. That’s it. You would rather have it than not when shooting.....when you don’t want to shoot, but have to shoot (beyond just range stuff). Dead Air did an amazing job at designing a silencer meant for doing work. Let talk about the silencer’s features and design as those play a key role in answering those two questions.

Less Than Lethal Selection with Trek from MDFI

Less Than Lethal Selection with Trek from MDFI

We visited Trexico and sat down with Trek from MDFI and discussed Less Than Lethal products for those who want to select this extremely valuable tool. We discuss chemical (Pepper Spray, Mace, etc), tazers, stun guns, and blunt tools. We also discuss use of force for these products, what is and isn’t less than lethal, decontamination of pepper spray, and we even discuss some of the idiot defensive measures being taken in school against an active shooter where a OC spray would be far more effective. Oh, and wasp spray is just stupid. Sit back, listen, and take in a ton of knowledge!

TECC, Rescue Task Force Model, and Emergency Services Response To Mass Casualty Events


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Rich Hart with Lampas Security Consulting



Andrew Bolgiano with Mercy Medical Center EMS Coordinator




Advanced TECC is October 29th and 30th with location not finalized yet.

Basic TECC June 25th & 26th At Alliance Police Training


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